Omar ”FireLock” Thomas has been lighting up streets and stages for over 13 years. Known for his explosive style and animated character. Born and raised in New York City, NY (USA), Firelock began has journey b-boying in 2000 with the Vanderbilt Breakers.

Firelock quickly gained global recognition in the dance community by winning numerous, highly coveted Lockin’ championship titles, which include: 2011 Juste Debout 2vs2 Lockin’ World Champion, 3-time Hip Hop International Lockin’ Champion (2009, 2010, & 2013), the Don Campbellock Award (2009, 2010), etc. Firelock now continuously travels the world as an international judge, teacher, performer, and competitor. Inspired by his own greatest mentors – Shock-a-Lock and Don Campbell (creator of Lockin’).