Hi Ro

This artist doesn’t need long introduction. He is the most loyal fan of SDK, who has attended 10 years. He studied house dance for 4 years in New York City and blends hip hop and house dance to create a dynamic and creative style of movement. He has battled all over the world in street dance competitions and won titles on battles such as Juste Debout, SDK Europe, Supreme Circle Underground and more. During the week on SDK you can see him always with smile in his face. He has been supporting SDK since year one and we are happy that we can welcome him back in year 2019.


Because of storm and destroyed stage (led tv screens too) on SDK, you can see first time now video presentation about HIRO – 10 YEARS ON SDK 💟 " Hiro – special person not only as a dancer but also as a human being. He is an example of humbleness and respect one should have when interacting with other people. Hiro, Thank you for having accepted my invitations to SDK for the last 10 years, for having educated thousands of students at SDK during the 10 years, Thank you and your Japanese team accompanying you every year for having supported SDK in such a remarkable way! It is also because of you that SDK has been here for 14 years! In all those years you have been one of the most popular lector and person!! Thank you for everything 🙏🙏🙏 " (F23 – founder of SDK)

Zveřejnil(a) SDK EUROPE dne Středa 12. července 2017