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Nika is choreographer, dancer and influencer, who was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her parents were passionate for dance and she did too. She is now the Slovenian Ambassador of Dance, who has worldwide respect. She taught dance at schools like the Millennium Dance Complex or International Dance Academy and her classes are frequently sells out. She worked with the big names such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Cher Lloyd.

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Looking back at 2018 and thinking about how much of an impact this song, “Jungle”, by @sonnyfp had on so many people! It warms my heart ❤️ I taught THOUSANDS of dancers choreography to this song, a lot at @jumpdance …and every time, their reaction was heartwarming. When you see that your students are genuinely happy and enjoying themselves…that they are supporting each other and pushing themselves harder than ever AND loving the song…That’s the best and something I always strive for. . SO many people around the world danced to this song. Thank you ALL! The support is still going—just yesterday, I found out that someone even learned the routine from my class at Millennium and used it for a WEDDING DANCE?! 👰🏼💍 U guys… I’m speechless. . Here is a clip of my blonde sister @deeglazer and I having fun to this song in our collab class at @theplaygroundla this year. This was a fun one! And thank you Sonny for making such great songs that make people get on their feet and dance. We need more of you! 💥 . #bestsongs #happystudents #lovealways #sistersquad #nikakljun #delaneyglazer #collab #sonnyjungle @frediepedersen @ryanparma #alwaysgoodtimes

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