Dance camp
Schedule & Workshops

Arrival, start: Monday 1st July from 1.00 – 2.00 pm
directly to VINAŘSKÁ DORMITORIES – Vinařská street no. 5, 603 00 Brno.

Departure to Riviera 3.00 pm and first introduction of the area.

First meal: supper (will be served in the SDK event spot)

End: Saturday 6th July at 6.00 pm; juniors shall be picked up by their parents again at Vinařská dormitories. From this time on the parents take full responsibility for their junior.

If parents or juniors wish to attend the Saturday SDK WORLD STREET DANCE TOUR finale, they need to purchase the admission tickets.


Definition of selection system of the given workshops within the JUNIOR DIAMOND and JUNIOR GOLD programs:

Before the SDK event each junior needs to print out the workshop schedule which he/she had selected during registration and which was confirmed by email. Juniors need to bring the printed schedule with them to the SDK. Selection of respective WS will be done in cooperation with supervisors always the preceding day.

Juniors will be divided into groups based on the WS.

In the camp supervisors will personally accompany the junior groups designated to them to the stages based on the selected workshops and they will submit to stage manager a list of junior participants; stage manager is also supervising the workshop participants and assists if necessary or if any supervisor calls. The distance between stages in the camp is ca max. 20 m. During workshops supervisors monitor and check their junior group members, and if possible also help them cope with the lessons. There will be one supervisor on each stage. All activities are coordinated in such groups (around 20) based on defined schedule! In free time sports activities or outdoor games will be arranged or dance practices of ws content will be held.