All general information, help and administration is managed by the SDK Team via e-mail  info@sdkeurope.com


Send an email to info@sdkeurope.com and try to fix the payment term, however keeping the 7-day period to settle the payment is required (a longer period of payment settlement will be allowed in exceptional cases). Please do not try to remove your registration, the data administration process just gets unnecessarily complicated.

The 7-day payment settlement period starts from the day of your camp registration; during this period you can settle the payment by:

  • Transfer to an account 519631036/5500
  • Postal Money order
  • PayPal: payment@sdkeurope.com

If you wish to get an invoice issued for your payment, please contact us at info@sdkeurope.com – always state carefully: Commercial Registration No, contact details, invoice forwarding address; invoice due date is always 7 days.


Send the payment to:
Raiffeisenbank a.s.
Account no.: 519631036, bank code 5500, variable symbol: your camp registration number
TS Beat Up z.s
Stará 11, Brno

Bank account for the payment of SDK from abroad:
Bank number (IBAN): CZ5555000000000519631036
Swift code (bic code): RZBCCZPP
Raiffeisenbank a.s., Hvězdova 1716/2B, 14078 Praha 4, Czech republic



Yes, you may send an advance payment. The minimal advance payment is 2500 Kč and it needs to be settled within 7 days from the registration, the remaining amount needs to be settled at latest by 31. 5. 2019. In case you register after 1. 5. 2019 then you need to settle the total payment until 31. 5. 2019. In case you register between 1. 6. 2019 and 25. 6. 2019 the total payment needs to be covered immediately.

Example of an advance payment
I registered 5. 2. – then the advance payment needs to be settled until 12. 2. and the remaining amount needs to be settled at latest by 31. 5. (if I pay the total price, then I send it within 7 days from the registration). Please do not forget that it may take up to 2 days before the bank transfer takes place!!

We have a period of 7 days for the confirmation. Before the bank-to-bank transfer takes place, before we receive the bank statement, before the SDK Team fights their way through the data and puzzles out whose payment is whose… this is an optimal period.

It is necessary to send this information to andrea@sdkeurope.com. Based on that you will receive a separate variable symbols.

On their arrival each participant needs to bring with him/her signed Health Declaration Card (needs to be dated from the day of your arrival). Please note it does not need to be signed by a physician.

Complete document Health Declaration, Agreement, GDPR download HERE.

Each participant of the dance camp needs to bring the Consent to Exception to the Accommodation Rules signed by his/her parent or a legal representative. The signed original document needs to be submitted by the participant to a related supervisor on the first day of the camp, i.e. 1. 7. 2019.

Document Consent to Exception to the Accommodation Rules download HERE.

In the year 2019 there is an option to register for the SDK Junior dance camp or day camp (intended for dancers under the age of 15) – where juniors will be taken care of by trained supervisors.

More information about SDK Junior

Dance card – wrist band – in case of a minor dancer it will be perforated with two holes – so for example at a bar such dancer will not be able to purchase any alcohol.

You have three basic options.

Try to find a replacement – a friend, etc. – and then just send us an email who is your replacement.

Or try to offer your ticket to someone else – e.g. on some forums or websites.

Third option is to cancel your SDK stay, which is then subjected to a cancellation fee based on your SDK participation cancellation date. We will in no case repay the full price amount, even if you cancel your stay one day before the event. Therefore, try your best with the options one or two.

Cancellation by the end of April – 30% of the total price

Cancellation between 1. 5. and 15. 6. – 60% of the total price

Cancellation from 15. 6. – 100% of the total price