SDK Junior





SDK  –  the most prestigious international educational festival in Europe offers a junior program and a complex junior care in the form of a camp with supervision, successfully running already for three years. Last year over 200 dancers up to 15 years attended and the interest of young dancers is increasing 🙂


The main mission is to offer the highest world-level dance education to children already at their young age and give them a chance to learn from the best instructors and choreographers in the WORLD, and to experience the incredible SDK atmosphere!! The whole event offers a rich-content schedule and a view of the best dancers in the world during the WORLD TOUR FINALE (pre-selections are carried out in China, Japan, Russia and other countries), unique SDK DANCE & MUSIC SHOW, competitions also for all lower advanced participants, and also a chance for the advanced ones to enter the world finale right during the camp!!!


The top point of SDK participation is meeting all those world stars personally during workshops and lectures, and also in the free time, learning from them and watching them performing during shows, exhibitions, jams, etc. Each participant needs to know the street dance basics in order to handle the lessons which are not level-divided.


SDK is the best place for street dancers to improve and draw inspiration for the following year, all that right in Czech Republic for the unmatched price!!


For example the world legend HIRO from Japan, a wonderful person and one of the most popular instructors in the history of SDK, will attend the event this year already for the 11th time!!

Program Types

JUNIOR GOLD TICKET (8 ws, 11–15 years of age)

A/ DANCE CAMP with supervision, accommodation and meals

B/ DAY CAMP with supervision, no accommodation, lunch only

JUNIOR DIAMOND TICKET (14 ws, 11–15 years of age)

A/ DANCE CAMP with supervision, accommodation and meals

B/ DAY CAMP with supervision, no accommodation, lunch only

VIP JUNIOR DANCER (no limit ws, 7–15 years of age)

Only when accompanied by an adult responsible for the junior dancer, advantage in selecting any workshops or programs without limit, accommodation and meals.

Everything is in the competence of the accompanied, who is responsible for the dancer. After 22.00, the accompaniment must move on the SDK area with his dancers for whom he is responsible. The advantage of this program is that there are no restrictions in terms of workshop and schedule.

 Prices and programs and the content najdete ZDE


Simona Šášková

A long-time dancer and choreographer of the B-Fresh dance group in Brno. She has extensive experience with conducting and organizing dance events and gatherings. As a lecturer, pedagogue and conductor has been active on the Czech dance scene for 12 years.

Denisa Jurajdová

He has been dancing for the 8th year in the dance group JUST US in Olomouc. She works mainly as a lecturer and choreographer of all ages. She has many years of experience with pedagogical supervision and lecture at the Tapaza summer camps.

David Somberg

Long-time teacher and choreographer of the Magic Free Group dance school and SDK participant. He devotes himself to street styles, but also jazz and contemporary. At the age of 16, he became a lecturer, and from that time he passed his knowledge to his superiors, choreographed, performing and dancing.



Before the event you will receive an instruction email to enter your registration and select your workshops individually based on your purchased program; within the frame of the event (each supervisor will take care and full responsibility for his/her specific group) you may select workshops in the MORNING/AFTERNOON + EVENING system either on the camp site or in the Exhibition Hall (5 minutes from Riviera). Therefore, it will not be possible to select e.g. a morning workshop from 10.30 in the camp and from 11.00 in the hall, etc.!!

In exceptional cases it will be possible, in the evening of the preceding day and in cooperation with the supervisors, to exchange workshops within the frame of given lessons bloc. SDK supervisors will try to assist the juniors also during the dance workshops and possibly also practice during free time what the kids learned during the workshop to help them understand the lessons contents and acquire as much dance education as possible during their stay. During workshops of instructors from abroad the supervisors will help the junior dancers with communication!



Vinařská dormitories, BLOCK A2, Vinařská street no. 5, Brno

Total: 1. 750 Kč (350 Kč/pers/night, not included in the program price)
A/ single dormitory twin bed rooms equipped with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a toilet

B/ single dormitory four-bedded rooms, shared kitchenette, bathroom and toilets are in the corridor close to the rooms

If you wish to stay with your friends together in one room the best option is to submit one registration form together.

Accessibility of the Riviera Camp ca 20 min. on foot or by public transport.




BREAKFAST, LUNCH, SNACK, SUPPER, Total: 2150,- Kč (not included in the price of the program)

Starting from Mon 1. 7. supper, ending by Sat 6. 7. lunch

Breakfast served at accommodation area in a form of breakfast buffet: coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks, bread and pastry, sausages, wieners, eggs, fruits, vegetables, muesli

LUNCH and SUPPER: delivery of freshly cooked meal served with respect to your comfort right in the camp’s canteen!!

SNACK in a form of packages (fruit + snack bar, etc.)

+ drinks

For more information about the dance camp or day dance camp, click below on: program & workshops


  • You don’t need to worry about your child participating the Street Dance Camp SDK; everything is well-considered and secured, and we have been organizing the junior camp already for the third time:
  • Accommodation at Vinařská dormitories, together with supervisors
  • Juniors participating in SDK JUNIOR will be accommodated preferentially together with other juniors of the same gender. Shall a junior be accommodated with a participant of the opposite gender or with an adult, such junior’s parents consent is necessary. DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Your children will be under CONSTANT supervision of our trained SDK supervision staff
  • All SDK supervisors have extensive experience with supervising children at dance or other camps.
  • SDK is not suitable for utter dance beginners; we would recommend each participant at least 1-year experience with street dance in order to cope with the top instructors’ lessons.
  • We guarantee that juniors will have no access to alcohol: junior dancers will have special bands, thanks to that bartenders will immediately recognize junior participants who must not be served any alcoholic beverages (nor energetic drinks such as Red Bull). All will be monitored by supervisors.
  • Threat of expulsion from the camp in case of alcohol or smoking prohibition violation: our supervisors will also check whether or not juniors consume own or otherwise acquired alcohol drinks or cigarettes, and if any such violation is proved the concerned junior will be expelled from the SDK; his/her parents will be informed and they are obliged to come and take the junior away from SDK camp. In such case the participant is not eligible for any compensation.
  • The whole junior group will also go together with our supervisors for breakfast, lunch and supper. Breakfast will be served in the accommodation area, lunch and supper in the SDK CAMP area. In case of day camp participants this relates only to lunch.
  • In case of day camp participants the evening workshops and activities are already in the hands of their parents (or other responsible persons). In case of full-camp participants there is an option to watch evening competition finals for those who are interested. Immediately after the end of the final rounds junior group and their supervisors will transfer from the camp area back to Vinařská dormitories. Children will not be encouraged to stay up late and we will do our best to get them in their beds at latest around 11 pm. All juniors are strictly forbidden to attend any parties.

Additional Activities

Only for juniors without their own attendants!

  • If juniors are interested, additional activities beyond dancing will be arranged.
  • During the whole event children will play interesting, educational games full of fun and amusement.

Conditions for VIP JUNIOR DANCER and his/her accompanying attendants

There is also an option (VIP JUNIOR DANCER) where juniors are not attended by our SDK supervisors but they have their own accompanying attendants (parents/coaches/other responsible adults) – if you are parents/coaches/other responsible adults and you prefer not to use the services of our SDK supervisors and would like to take care of your dancer yourself during SDK, it is possible. Then the junior dancer needs to select the VIP JUNIOR DANCER program in the registration. In such case the additional SDK Junior activities (games, trips) nor the special services of SDK supervisors apply to these juniors.

Conditions for the attendants:

  • You will receive one-week admission to SDK area free of charge (in case you will be attending more junior participants you may receive up to SDK Diamond Card with 15 dance workshops for free! For more information, see below)
  • Junior dancer/s and his/her/their attendants must register all in one registration form via the main registration for SDK event, where they also select accommodation and meals, and roommates – more information and conditions are included in the reservation.

ATTENTION: The more junior participants you attend, the higher week dance card SDK Card you get!

1 junior, attendant = admission free of charge (1350 Kč, no program on Fri, Sat)

2 juniors, attendant = SDK Jam Card for free (3500 Kč, 3WS)
3 – 4 juniors, attendant = SDK Gold Card for free (4400 Kč, 8WS)
5 – 7 juniors, attendant = SDK Gold Plus Card for free (5400 Kč, 8WS)
8 and more juniors, attendant = SDK Diamond Card for free (7400 Kč, 15WS)




  • Considerable discounts on the best education in the world


  • Investing in the best dance education of the child, children will meet their idols – the best dancers in the world
  • We will take care of the children for a whole week
  • Reconstructed area of Riviera in Brno – beautiful surroundings, outdoors
  • Trained supervisors – dance camp
  • Accommodation out of the main camp, children will not be in the camp during evening parties


  • Meeting the best dance stars from Czech and the whole world
  • The best education a dancer can participate in
  • Watching the best dance competitions – SDK World Street Dance Tour finale
  • Experiencing incredible dance workshops with the best dancers from Czech and the whole world, and having great time during games and sport activities
  • Making new friends, and not only from Czech