SDK EUROPE is open to all ages! Participation is not limited by age or skill level. However, a few rules apply to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Are you under 15 years old?

Of course you can participate in the SDK, but only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Your chaperone is entitled to free admission to the entire SDK programme.

The parent or legal guardian can delegate the supervision of a child under 15 years of age to another adult, such as the dance school leader. In this case, they must present this signed document when registering for SDK.

If you plan to use the accommodation provided by us, again, you can only do so with an adult chaperone.

Are you between 15 and 18 years old?

Great, you can participate in the SDK without restrictions and you don’t need any accompaniment. But bring your parents’ or guardians’ consent. It is this document that you hand in when you register.

If you also want to use the accommodation we offer, we also need this consent from you.

Participants under the age of 18 will wear a special colored wristband to identify them. They are absolutely prohibited from buying, bringing or consuming alcohol on the SDK grounds. Violation of this prohibition will result in expulsion from SDK without refund.



  • juniors compete in the following categories: ALL STYLES TEAM, FUNK 2vs2, HIP HOP 1vs1, HOUSE 1vs1
  • the competition category applies to the years of birth 2008 – 2012


  • competition category applies to years of birth 2008 – 2017

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