Dancer, trainer, choreographer. She has 17 years of teaching experience and more than 500 workshops. One of the most respected dancers in the Czech Republic.
Lover of hip hop and dancehall culture.

Chilli is active in the Czechoslovak dance scene as a performer, event organiser, lecturer, etc. Since 2018, she has been working on her own concept of dance education Spicylicious, which is based on the fusion of educational methods and bringing together dancers from different fields. Recently, her attention has been increasingly focused on the creation of audiovisual works from the position of director or choreographer (Images of Spicylicious, FVLCRVM – Hi!, Pt. II: Caldera, Annet X – Spicylicious & Jenom tak, Jana Kirschner – Strings, etc.). Her work combines the impulses of contemporary dance with the raw essence of street dance styles. This is also the lens through which she explores her central themes (e.g. the relationship between man and nature), while constantly searching for new ways to interact with music or the environment.

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