Dee is a dancer, teacher, mentor, choreographer, and former modern gymnastics representative. She is well-known for co-choreographing several Czech musicals, appearing in drama productions, films, music videos, and concert tours. She has also been a judge for many years in Czech TSR and CDO competitions and was named Choreographer of the Year 2022. Dee has been a former member of Dance2xs Babies, Xstyle Europe, Stage dancers, JAD Dance company, and 4in1Artists. In 2016, she founded ViViD Dance Company, and in 2018, she became a co-owner of ViViD Space Prague dance school.


Sasha Alexandr Veselý is a 22-year-old dancer, performer, lecturer, choreographer, and dance event organizer from Valašské Meziříčí. He is a member of the creative dance crew Dogga Clan and Brownies Company. Sasha is engaged in choreography and dance improvisation in contemporary, breaking, and experimental dance styles. He has performed in many dance performances, musicals, and shows both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Sasha is also part of the international project People Power Partnership. He organizes battles, workshops, and experimental and contemporary sessions called ‘Confession’ in Prague and Bratislava.

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