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Maria & Domino


Maria is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer originally from Moldova. She started her dancing journey in 2004, for the last 10 years she has been living in the Czech Republic and actively involved in Dancehall and Hip Hop culture. She is part of the Art Women crew.
She travels the world for dance and is active in the battl scene. You can see her on the jury of Czech competitions and battles. As a teacher she teaches all over the country, in Brno she leads her courses and educates the next generation of dancers. To promote Jamaican culture she organizes dancehall events.


  • Winner of the battle ” SDK Dancehall” 2017
  • 1st place “Restless battle” 2019 /all style 
  • Final of Italia Dancehall battle “The week”
  • 1st place “Czech Republic Championship” / all style battle
  • 1st place “Love Dance Slovakia” /hip hop battle
  • 1st place crew vs crew “Take the lead” 2018
  • Finalist of “SDK Dancehall” 2019
  • Finalist crew vs crew “Dance Floor Atak” 2018
  • Champions of the Czech Republic “Beat street Formation” 2017 , 2018


He started dancing in 2005 at the Dynamic Dance School, where he eventually became a teacher and danced in the pro group Dynamic Dancers with whom he won the DFA. He was at the birth of krump in the Czech Republic and is one of the founders of the most successful Czech krump crew Union Runners. After Dynamic, he moved to the dance studio B-Fresh, where he worked before moving to Paris. He spent less than a year there. Now he is back in Brno, where he teaches in Uničov, in Styl Dance and in Nymburk, in Promo Dance, Just us …. Recently not only a freestyle dancer but also a successful choreographer. Dance and music accompany him every day and he travels all over the world to dance.


  • Czech Champion 1 vs 1 All style 2019
  • Top 4 hip hop 1 vs 1 “Cloud Cypher” 2019 Montreal, Canada
  • Winner of “SDK Europe” 2016 / crew vs crew
  • Winner of “DFA” 2011, 2018 / crew vs crew
  • Czech “Juste Debout” final / locking 2 vs 2
  • Slovakia “Juste Debout”/ popping 2 vs 2 
  • Top 8  Holland”Juste Debout”  / locking 2 vs 2
  • Winner “Hip Hop Jam” / krump 1 vs 1 
  • EBS finals in Germany / krump crew vs crew 
  • 3rd place “SDK Europe” / krump 1 vs 1
  • Multiple Czech Champion in formations and doubles


  • RnP (Styl Dance Uničov) 1st place Adults Hobby Beat Street 2019
  • Dansketball (B-Fresh) 1st place Juniors Extraliga show Beat Street 2019
  • Bandana Hop (B-Fresh) 1st place Juniors Extraliga Beat Street 2017
  • Catch the Shadow (R+P Bartunci) 1st place Adults II. League Beat Street 2017

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