Nack & Brian


Nikolas “Nack’o’Flexx Ramza is a young talented freestyle dancer and choreographer. He is part of the Dogga Clan and has been dancing for 10 years. He mainly focuses on locking and various sub styles of hip hop. At an early age he managed to break out abroad, where he had the opportunity to be one of the first of his generation to represent the Czech Republic and its dance scene. Among his teachers are names like Stylez-C, Wahe, Roche, Kalo etc.


Brian Lean, a funk dancer representing the Dogga Clan, is constantly trying to improve his dance skills. He also focuses on battles not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe. He brings energy to the dance floor and combines tradition with innovation. His journey is his own exploration of styles and techniques. Brian is looking forward to sharing this experience with everyone in attendance on SDK.

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